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O pened in 1988, the clinic was conceived originally by Dr Eric Hazan, after having finished his Master’s Degree in the United States, at Boston University.

After standing, side by side, with great names of the Dental field, such as Morton Amsterdam, considered the father of modern « Dental Medicine », he has decided to pursue his career in his home town of Paris.

He then decided to establish a practice dedicated to Fixed Prosthodontics, Periodontology, Occlusion and Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, which the latter have just began to take his first steps in Europe.

Besides his clinical expertise, Dr Hazan has established himself as a gifted speaker, presenting numerous conferences about Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry en France, as well as abroad, namely at the prestigious Harvard University.

The clinic has then become, over the years, a specialised center, in which every practitioner has an expertise in each domaine, having as an objective the preservation of the dentition of our patients within the limits of what is possible.

Having developed a very specific approach, the practitioners of the clinic are armed with sufficient knowledge and clinical abilities to guide you through the best treatment option, adapted to your case.

Besides that, and, in a world in which everything works around the clock, we aim to do precisely the contrary : taking our time. Taking our time to take care of your confort, to treat you, but specially to know exactly what you need.

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