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D r Hazan and Dr Pedro are dentists that don’t have an agreement with the French Social Security ; That means the reemboursement from the social security will be lower.

Your consultation will allow us to establish a diagnosis (identification of exisiting problems) as well as a prognosis (how much a chosen treatment is effective).

Our expertise and our advices, will allow you to have an excellent oral hygiene, as well as ensure that the treatments you might do can last longer.

If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to inform us, if you take any medication or give us your last bloodwork.

A report will be made in the end of the consultation (if you so desire), containing all the elements allowing you take an informed decision.

If there’s a treatment to be done, an estimation of costs will be given to you.


The fees for consultation are 120 Euros, and it will last aproximaly 45 minutes.